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Thread: Good day at Kelmarsh

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    Good day at Kelmarsh

    Had a good day out at Kelmarsh Game fair on monday
    smaller than i expected but well worth the visit
    the wife God bless her spent some serious money on
    two Hemmings Prints One of which i've been after for some time
    on the way home she told me she was going to get me my Tikka
    but as nothing was there she spent the money on the prints insted
    What a BUMMER the price she payed i could of had my S+B as well

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    So JayJay, i take it that at Kelmarsh you wore a skirt and your lady wife wore the trousers?? Stone will tell us.

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    Jay Jay
    I got orf light with a pair of boots and a body fleece for the mrs , had I stayed with the clan muddy I would have come home skint , HIGH 5 , FOR SOMEONE WHO BOUGHT HIS LADY SOME MUDDYBOOTS . packed em then went back later ,. Poppins , Muddy , duncan ,Ellie . Dean , Mark . a good day pleasure all around .
    Regards to you all
    Trapper, (right whos for the lincolnshire gamefair ) market rasen racecourse .

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    Thanks lads
    for your support
    She didn't tell me she was going to get me the Rifle
    untill we had started for home
    i could of took her to the gun shop and said bug*** the fair
    i could of saved £24 quid on the gate

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    In all fairness JayJay . When you passed us , head down I sumised you never got your smarties,. he he . In ALL fairness though this was 5 minutes before mrs Trapper got her hands on the stalls !!! so I feel your pain. !!Happy days .
    Trapper .

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    i went on the sunday
    so peacefullwith out the rabble
    wished i could of made it on the monday
    proper HI FIVE that would of made
    none of your usual bullsh*t

    sorry to hear you traded your pennnies in for a couple of Nigel's pics instead of a tikka (which pics?)
    next time try gunmakers row first

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    Stone it was judith's money
    but you know what she's like
    we got 4x4 and spring range,
    running out of wall space now

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