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Thread: Stag stalking - Sutherland

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    Stag stalking - Sutherland

    I have around 10 stags available this season on hill ground in Sutherland. It's a mixture of ground from woodland to extremely rugged hill. You won't need mountaineering levels of fitness but basic hill fitness will improve your options for stalks.

    I'd prefer to book no more than 2 stags per week, but I am quite flexible on dates and it wouldn't need to be two consecutive days.

    Drop me a PM if you may be interested and we can discuss details. I can arrange accommodation at local hotels/B&Bs if required.

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    I have been up to this place , its absolutely stunning ground and scenery , if anyone is looking for
    Red stag stalking on the hill this is the place to book into Neil will make sure you are looked after
    i was only there for half a day and would have loved to have stayed over for a walk out
    Neil i am booked up from mid Sept til end of the season , but would be keen for a walk out just
    before i start maybe early Sept (the lobster was delicious by the way )
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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