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Thread: lee auto prime XR

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    lee auto prime XR

    For a set of lee powder dippers. Or lee factory crimp die in 30-06
    Last edited by Simjim33; 07-08-2012 at 08:33. Reason: .243 crimp die sorted thank you Mike

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    Hello Mate

    I think I might have a lee .243 crimp die - which I never use if you want it pm me your address and I'll send it to you for the cost of the postage.


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    Just checked - I've got a spare die with Lee .243 G1 stamped on it which I think is the crimp die.

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    .243 die posted today mate 1st class. Dont worry about the postage it was less than a quid.

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    Thats very good of you Mike thank you.

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    I got the .243 crimp did today thank you Mike.

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    Yep spot on. I can't wait to load up some of my swagged 68gr .243's now. I plan to load 10 of each charge and crimp 5 of each loading. I betting on some very interesting/unremarkable( to some ( you know who you are)) results. Thanks again Mike.

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