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Thread: The New Entry

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    The New Entry

    At last we've bitten the bullet and found a new Willow:

    After hot-head Holly she's such a placid little thing. 12 hours in the car, Staffs to Skye yesteday, not a murmur, not an 'accident'. Just slept on my sons' lap, amazing! Today she has mainly slept under my office chair chair or sat next to me while I was in the kitchen. Bodes well for under the high seat.

    Needles to say, we're dead chuffed!

    And this time, we'll get some pet insurance. Anyone have an opinion about who to go with?

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    cracking pic of your little pup. Congratulations.

    The first thing about pet insurance is that may wont cover working dogs. The only one I think that does is NFU.

    I always advise people to go with PetPaln, they are expensive but they always pay up. One friend had an 8k vet bill and they paid up no hassle.

    But you will have to lie about any working that your dogs does, especially if it is injured whilst out working.

    My vet always says to avoid supermarket insurance. She says they are hard to get the money from and often do not pay up. Which leaves you with the bill.


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    Frax welcome WILLOW
    such a photo melts the heart , of cause she slept under yer chair you plonker , she was knackered !! such good times ahead , may you covert them all . As per insurance , they are all pretty much so , Personally we have pet plan 23.50 per month for the full monty , there are cheaper out there offering the same . xxx costs me more for me dog than me , !
    Happy puppy training and all the joys to come .
    Regards Trapper

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    She was knackerd! She didn't have to drive a manky pick-up up the M6 on a bank holiday Monday!

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    Looks like you have the makings of a good dog there. Hope you have many happy days in the field together

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    Looks like you have the makings of a good dog there. Hope you have many happy days in the field together

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    Our three dogs (two labs and a cocker) are all insured with PetPlan. Expensive but, as others have said, no hassle if/when you need to make a claim.


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    Pet plan are good for paying out but beware, make sure you do the expensive one!

    I did the cheaper one, when my cocker broke his leg in fine style and then two of the operations went a bit badly and the plate snapped the costs started adding up and i ended up with a bill as well. Not too bad as i had only been paying the monthly premium for about 4 months!

    Get the bells and whistles as stated above.

    Also pet plan do insure your dog when it is working but they do not cover it if you are working for reward eg. beating and getting paid, although if you dont declare your income from shooting that they might be involved in there is no way that they can prove it was working for reward

    Be prepared for a bunch of daft questions as well, when i was insuring my 3 month old working cocker the woman asked me:
    will your dog be used to guard the premises
    has your dog attacked or mauled anyone or any other animal

    And when i replied 'he is a 3 month old cocker spaniel, what do you think' it didnt go down well!

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    Thanks for the advice chaps, I'll get on to pet plan.

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    I can see the sense in insuring, vet fees have shot up since insurance is more common. i am sure this reflects the fact that we want our animals cured regardless off cost. What do you do if you have 6 dogs.

    This equates to about 1500 per year, if i could save that much over the life of my dogs i would have a nice little nest egg. For now though i cannot afford either option so will have to go with fingers crossed

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