I'm thinking that I ought to get rid of this gun given that it's hardly been out of the cupboard in the last two years.

I bought this brand new in 2001 when I was doing a fair amount of sporting clay shooting but since 2004 when we moved house it has only been used for the odd day on the clays, and since 2010, just once or twice a year.

Barrels are 30 3/4 inch fixed choke (1/3 and 2/3 - tight quarter and half). Wood was SC3 upgrade, oil finished. I can confirm the stock dimensions if needed (approximately at least!) but I'm 6'0" and although it has a slightly longer stock than "standard" its otherwise pretty standard. Certainly the people i've let use it over the years have not noticed anything out of the ordinary.

It's in very good condition overall. There is some streaking in the forcing cones (from plastic wads) which will probably clean out (I'll do this when I get a chance) but there is an outside chance they might want a professional polish (but I'm not going to get handy with the dremmel!). Woodwork is in good order - usual minor marks, but nothing to get excited about.

Comes with spares kit and original case.

Looking for 3,250.

Face to face in Hampshire/Wilts/Berks or shipped to an RFD of your choosing.

I would potentially be interested in a partial px with any Blaser kit, a Sako .243 or a top-end (e.g. z6i) illuminated scope. If there's any other top kit, try me, I might just be interested! (but I'm not going to be interested in your old BSA, Howa or Parker Hale blunderbuss!).

Photos to follow when I get my act together!