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Thread: Good start to new ground

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    Good start to new ground

    Have been tring to sort out all the paper work with the 2 landowners, police etc for the last 6weeks or so.
    The permissions consist of 11acres of newly planted cheery trees ( 6000 ) in total and a 52 acre mixed wood. The fallow are doing a fair bit of damage to the trees and this is how I got the permission.
    I must apologies to Deamo because I have had to postpone his visit due to the time all this took and family life this end. Sorry mate will get something sorted soon.

    Went to the ground after work and BC came along and we had to put up the 2 high seats first, one in the orchard and one in the far corner of the wood where we had seen a Muntjac on a previous reccy and then got kitted up.
    We decided to split up and he stalked the ground and then made his way to the high seat in the orchard and I made my way to the high seat in the wood.

    High seat in the wood

    Views from high seat

    Before I got up the high seat spotted a flat patch of bluebells where it looks like a muntjac has been laying up

    So got comfy and was in for a fairly long wait due to the time I got there, was just after sunset and was scanning the ground in front when something made me look to the left where I saw these ghostly shadows moving through the pine trees out onto the track.
    Rifle in place and got a fallow in the cross hairs a doe, then another ,then another 5 in total came out in a line and the last in line was a nice little pricket.
    Only 40-50m away on the track so went for a neck shot, got him lined up, squeashed the trigger and the Rem 100gr CLUB PSP did the rest. Down he went. Cycled another round, no movement. the rest had made there way back into the pines.

    Fallow on the track through the tees

    Emptied the rifle and got down from the seat. Carried out my first unsuppervised gralloch which went ok after picking up a few tips from Stone on my muntjac outing
    By this time BC had made his way up, buried the necessary and got cleaned up. Loaded up the kit and made our way back to the vehicle.
    He weighed in at 57 pound head and feet off.

    Not a bad start
    First trip, new home made high seat on new ground


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    new patch

    Well done Jonathan,what a great start to your new patch .And you broke in your high seat well done

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    Good stuff nice to see and hear that you have your own patch and off to a flying start. Hope to catch up with you at the CLA later this year. Will be there for the duration.

    All the best


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    Nice bit of ground and a goos start, good write up well done


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    Excellent . The hard work is paying you dividends straight away. Sounds like a nice piece of ground, enjoy!.

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    Well done Johnathon. Looks like all the paperwork finally paid off in the end. A lovely set up, credit to you.


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    Nice one Jonathon, couldn't have been a better start mate.

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    What a great write-up! Many congratulations on getting everything sorted and a successful first day

    Look forward to reading about many more.


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    Well done

    Well done Jonathon

    Good write up and nice pictures - no need to apologise for being busy mate, i'd be delighted to come along next year if that was the soonest you could manage!

    What sort of numbers are you hoping for from the new ground?



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