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Thread: Blaser.. V.. H s precision

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    Blaser.. V.. H s precision

    Hi all...
    I have just bought a blaser pro in 300 win mag with a match barrell still in the box never been gun dealer has just got in a new batch of h.s precision rifles and one has caught my is the prob..i am thinking of selling my blaser for the h.s
    anyone got an oppinion...????

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    If you have the chance of firing both choose the one that feels the most comfortable. atb Tim

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    What do you want from it,do you want a thing of beauty or is it a tool

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    I heard a comment recently that an HS Precision rifle was basically a worked on Howa action.

    I don't know if that is true or not but for less money you could have a completely custom built rifle in your exact spec based on a blueprinted Remington action fitted with a Jewell trigger (I assume the HS is somewhere between 2500 and 3000? If you like the idea/look of the HS then for the money I think I would go down that route before the HS Precision. There was a gunshop in the UK that stocked HS Precision rifles a few years ago, but then they seemed to dissapear. If your local shop stops importing them, what happens if the rifle develops a fault? Does it have to be sent back to the states for repair?

    However, my only experience with HS is their stocks, which I think are superb, especially their short action thumb hole.

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    I have a R93 .300 Win Mag for my African and European trips.
    For Plains Game out to and beyond 300 yards it is magic.


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    Now let's see Howa verses Blaser .................................................. ...... Hmmmm

    Howa a company that's been making rifles for a long time, far longer than Blaser has been in existence, I believe Howa made rifles for the Imperial Japanese Army during WW2. They also manufacture other items so the company has a broad base and more than one string to it's bow unlike Blaser. Their rifles seem to be well made and like certain manufacturers of the past make what their distributers want.

    Blaser on the other hand are a fairly new company ................................. seems actually it's 50 years old but has changed hands several times ............................................ I find that worrying personally. If one reads the history and the way the much flaunted R93 is made then it raises some questions. Such as I have seen some of these very forums deriding Hammer forged barrels yet Blasers are made in that way ....................................... interesting methinks. The next question is how long before it changes hands again? It would only require a company Like Venture capital to get their mitts on it and it would be run into the ground with mediocre Q/C like Remington and Marlin both of which they control.

    Personally I would be seeing which handles the best and fits the best. However I must say also that personally I would be seriously looking at other options. With that sort of budget there are plenty of options.

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    The HS is a custom action built by HS as are the barrels, action metal work and the stocks. When they first started out they used mod 70 and 700 actions but not now. The new ones have nothing to do with howa and the have a reputation for extremely good accuracy. Both are nicely built rifles but different, so pick what suits you best.

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    Not sure if you are from the north or south in Ireland,
    in the South there are some fantastic custom rifle builders that have very short delivery times
    and are very keenly priced. You could get a proper rifle made to suit you like a glove for similar
    price to the aluminium clatterbox.

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    hi all....
    thanks for all the comments...
    i have decided to sell the blaser and have a rifle if anyone is intrested in a brand new blaser at a discount price get in touch...this rifle hasnt even chambered a round,it has come straight from the gun shop and into my safe...the spec is BLASER PRO R93 MATCH BARRELL IN 300 WIN MAG..i will put the info into the firearms section in the next few days with some pic's...

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