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Thread: Sako 85 stock

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    Sako 85 stock

    Wanted a sako 85 stock off a 6.6X55 snapped mine last weekend or anyone know where i can get a good one


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    I know we are not supposed to turn classified ads into discussion but curiosity has got the better of me!

    How did you snap it?!


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    After i had a stalk into some goats (got 3) i went to fetch the quad for the retrieval, i strapped the 3 goats onto the front rack as i was tranversing back down the hill the front off side wheel went into a peat hole covered by grass this started the quad rolling there was nothing i could do as the quad went over (the rifle was slung over my back) it snapped and im glad it did or i would be hurting alot more than i am now ive had training on quads and been driving them for over 9 years but this had started to make me question that if i had put the goats on the back rack would this have still happened (more room on the front due to the box with extra kit in on the back) but things happen, i would like to say that Halifax home insurance have been great and paid out straight away for a new rifle and i get to keep the old one too so a new stock is what im after if possible

    A very sore Jason

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    I've got a nice wooden Sako 75 long action but I don't know if it would fit a 85 model?
    I'm sure someone will know?

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    Thank you MS but they wont fit I've been on the phone most of the day trying to get 1 sorted the only 1 i can get to fit is either 1 from sako or looked at jacksons rifles but its not my type of stock


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