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Thread: A small rant - no deer!

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    A small rant - no deer!

    Drving up the M6 the other day I noticed an odd thing. Every five miles or so there was a large sign on the road side proclaiming how wonderful the Highways Agency was. On the signs, which were quite large, was no contact information, no website address, in fact nothing remotely useful at all.

    Now, I don't know how much these signs cost to make and erect but I expect they don't come cheap (perhaps someone can help here) so, please Highways Agency...what is the f***ing point???....other than using up the Earth's resources, wasting money!

    It makes me sooo mad!

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    The Highways agency is one of the first steps to having 2 tier policing in the UK.

    We are going to end up with a system where towns are police by Community Support Officers and the Roads by Highways.

    They then reduce the police who will only deal with more serious crime, a bit like the FBI.


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    Those bloody overhead matrix signs are what irritate me. How many millions have been spent on those, and how much disruption while they were installed? And for what? They cause more traffic problems than they solve as they're always out of date showing things like "Lane closed ahead" - everyone slows down and moves over, big traffic jam and no lane closed at all.

    People are starting to ignore them now which will end in tears one day when there really is a lane closed or an queue ahead...

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    if you look on the M4 near junction 13 you will see a shoe and a glove in the central reservation - they fell out of my rucksack the otherday whilst i was riding to work

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    Funnily enough, when I came into work this morning the matrix at J13 was showing "Caution shoe in road"

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    I travel up th M6 to Cumbria a fair bit and the signs make me laugh. They are often indicating a need for a reduced speed and then a few miles later on the inevitable 'end' and almost without exception there was nothing to to slow down for. I think they merely use them to reduce overal speed and not to inform.

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    At least you don't have to read signs written in Gaelic as well as English when they "whiz" past you. This is the prospect in the north of Scotland, where most people are of Norse origins !!!!

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    You need not worry about the cost as you will be paying for them in fines.
    As I understand they are able to be fitted with speed cameras timing you between one and another 24-7. Dont think its legal to use them for that yet but they are ready and waiting come the next fuel crisis.


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    I don't know if each area is different, but around here they have several large portable martrices at various positions up and down the A1. I've never seem them with anything written on them but the Highways Agency have a separate metal sign infront of each one stating (and I'm not kidding)... "Sign Not In Use".

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    Having travelled the M42 and M1 recently I was amazed by the number of average speed cameras and zones.

    Some were active some not so, notified by a small sign at the base, leading to total confusion as to whether you were in a restricted zone or not.

    You would only have to miss one sign to fall foul of these.

    Then there is the problem of everyone braking suddenly when they see the average camera ahead then speed up when they see the not in use sign.

    I hate the average camera with a passion.

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