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Thread: Tikka T3 MT Varmint .204

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    Tikka T3 MT Varmint .204

    Stainless/Synthetic, 20" Barrel, Threaded M18, 120 Rounds fired, 14 Months old - 650 + RFD

    Optilock Base & Rings, Blued, 30mm, Medium Height - 75 posted

    EGW HD Picatinny Rail, 0 MOA - 50 posted

    Gun needs to go first before rings or rail.

    PM if your interested.

    thanks, SimonAttachment 18067Attachment 18068Attachment 18069

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    Thats a bargain in a cracking foxing calibre...

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    Hey Simon.
    what you after now?
    My FN's still waiting here for ya!
    Cheers Son Pete

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    Hello Pete,
    Got a Tac20 so no need for .204
    Going ok with Blaser at the mo but will keep your FN in mind, anyway I thought you were keeping it!
    Cheers, Simon

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    Hi Simon.
    yeah just messin! Put the TRG up but only got knob heads!
    cant get 1600 for it! so just guna leave it in the safe, any joy with the Tikka?
    Cheers Son

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    I had some bloke yesterday rang me regarding the TRG, just what he was looking for and a great price, oh and would i keep it for him for 4-6 weeks while he got a vari, but did'nt want to pay for it or even a deposit!!!!
    just leave it in the safe,son!
    Cheers Pete

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    I'd buy it if I didnt already have one!! Brilliant calibre! Good luck with the sale!!

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    Craig/1S1K on here is looking for a 204 when he gets back from cyprus next week,

    i think it will be gone by then mind(at this price),

    PS: what 20 did you get.

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    Hello Bob,
    It's a 20 Prac I got S/H it is a CZ527 with Pacnor barrel and Richards Microfit stock, what do you think?

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