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Thread: Euro vari scope 50/56 pref with ill ret

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    Euro vari scope 50/56 pref with ill ret

    After a number of enquiries wanting to buy my scope on another post I may be in a position to buy one outright . has any one got a good clean scope as the above that they would part with ? . DF

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    i have a swarovski 6-24 x 50 with fine cross hair reticle and target turrets if you're interested. it was bought about 5 years ago for a project that never got finished. it's probably been mounted on a rifle once maybe and that's about it. as new really. box, all the bits etc.

    pm me if you're interested.


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    I've got a brand new swarovski z6 2.5-15x56 if that's any good to you

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