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Thread: stalking wanted mid scotland

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    stalking wanted mid scotland

    any deer stalking considered 50 miles or so from strathclyde region .Have level 1 for 10 years working towards level 2 plus sacs insurance.

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    Re: deer stalking

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulFoggin
    We are based in Fintry, 40 mins from glasgow, and stalk over 12,000 acres or mixed terrain which includes forrestry, hill ground and farm pasture. We cater from the novice to the most experinced gun. Cull bucks and trophy heads availible.
    You can contact us via our website
    hi paul,sorry should have put syndicate or annual lease,thanks anyway for quick response

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    Hi Paul that sounds a tad expensive mate there are chaps in the central belt that take people out for that money. So what happens if they are out and shoot a trophy eg a 6 pointer must they leave that for your foreign guest or is it only medals they leave . What happens if they make a mistake and take a good buck out.

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    I agree with you Davie, expensive and trying a hard sell on 4 different posts.

    15 full days stalking out of a year for 1500.

    There are far better opportunities out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulFoggin
    I have a syndicate place availible. This consists of 30 stalks ( am or pm). This includes carcasses.This is for cull bucks and does. It also includes two morning goose flights. This is 1,500 which works out at 50 per stalk. We can organise accommodation at 40 per night dinner, bed and breakfast. If you require any more details please contact me.
    hi paul sounds like your out to make a fast buck(no pun intended),i agree with other guys comments,(thanks guys)there are like minded people out there who only want to stalk deer at affordable prices thats why they get together and form a syndicate .so come on stalkers where are you?

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