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Thread: 243 AI die

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    243 AI die

    hi there has anyone got a set of 243 AI dies thay dont want and will sell wanting full lenth and seating die.

    thanks dweeb

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    I looked into this a couple of months ago. Spud offered a die, but by that stage I had ordered a custom full length re-sizing die from Hornady. I am still waiting for the Hornady die to turn up. I am unable to full length resize at present and am just using the Redding 243 Improved 30 neck bushing die and seating die at present.
    Regards JCS

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    Hello here if needed
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    hi spud what price are you asking for mate

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    I know where there's a barely used set of Redding bushing dies (f/l and standard seater). What do you feel a fair price?

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    thanks to all your posts i think i may be sorted by spud
    thanks again for the help


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