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Thread: I want a screw?

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    I want a screw?

    I have just purchased a new Fausti 20 bore onto which I have fitted a beretta true bead. Problem is when I removed the bead beretta has a smaller screw than Fausti. The screw from a three pin plug blue wire fits but just catches the taper and no more. I need the countersunk screw to fit the thread on a Fausti barrel. Other problem is the screw is fairly flat on the head. Probably 60/30 rather than 45% angle. Anyone got a contacts for the screw. Thanks, jim

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    I had a similar issue with a gun a while ago, tried shopping round then dropped into a local college that does engineering. The lecturer made me 1 plus a spare for a couple of pints!
    Why not try a local tech college or secondary school that does metal work?
    If that fails try Simon at if he can find the design he will make you one.
    He has done 3 jobs for me and the engineering is perfect!
    Good luck
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    Well I don't want to be accused of advertising but if you PM me I'll give you the name of a gunsmith who just made me another bead last week. He'll do a proper job. Near Dundee so a bit of a run but there's a shooting ground just across the road where you can bang away at some clays - if you have another gun anyway!

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