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Thread: nice roe buck

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    nice roe buck

    Managed a stalk last night, there were two bucks a doe and fawn milling about in the field as I arrived, got my stuff together and headed down wind to stalk up on them, then realised they were cutting in the field behind so not safe and had to abort that stalk and head of to the other end of the farm where there was a doe and fawn and a very stupid buck, all were in the cereal and all I could see was heads, the doe soon sussed me and took the fawn away the buck decided to couch down about 50 yds in front of me, no amount of barking and general noise making would shift him so gave up and let him be as the guys on the tractors had left so worked my way back up to the other end after the previously seen bucks, found this one and dropped him on the spot, its roe fillets stir fried in chilli tonightNice roe buck

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    Nice colour and very uniform well done Doc


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    Very nice well done

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