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Thread: Trajectory Prediction

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    Trajectory Prediction

    Is it possible to predict the trajectory of a bullet (ie. point of aim) based solely on the weight and velocity of the round?

    Or is there more at play than that simple idea as is the case with zeroing a rifle, each one is different.

    eg. I have my .22-250 (40gn federal balistic tips - FOX RIFLE) zeroed at 100 yards and was wondering if it was possible to accurately predict the trajectory and find aim points for 50, 200, 300 yards before actually shooting at these ranges. Or is it just a case of taking that particular rifle out and seeing what it does? I know in this case the trajectory is pretty flat.


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    This sort of stuff?

    Click the average and long range tabs for info on predicted bullet drops. Will vary from rifle to rifle I guess, but a good starting point...

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    Works fairly accurate.
    My first shot ever at a 300m target was out by only 1 1/2" with a loopy 167grain 308 after clicking in the theorie values.


    Your 22-250 with 40gr will shoot easily to 250yds on a fox without holdover if you zero an inch high at 100.


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    you need to know:

    Muzzle Velocity
    Scope height from bore
    BC of bullet
    Bullet weight
    zero distance
    Wind speed and direction

    for more accurate long range:

    Air pressure / altitude

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    Have a look at In there is a free ballistics/trajectory program ( that can work it all out for you. All you need is a chrony for the fps plus bullet data. You can also add wind info, height above sea level - the lot...



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    It's all here, just follow the link and you will go to the pointblank software. That will give you what you want all you need to do is supply the velocity/weight/BC etc and it will supply a chart with what you are after.


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    Be prepared for some eye opening results, If you do your job at your end & get the set-up measurements/ calcs accurate , You'll be having first round hits with a stalking rifle at 500 & 600 yards, This is a real buzz! & then moving on to clay pigeon on sticks at same distances!

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    these charts are great but to be honest i really think you need to get out there and shot at targets (paper not deer) at range to really find out what your rifle is doing and then realise that its 100 times harder to shot at somthing which is alive at range than a static target which you know will sit still all day long. i dont mean to slag people off who shoot deer or any other game at range but what people really do need to realise is that punching holes in paper and droping a animal humanly are 2 different things all together. me and a friend spent a couple of hours the other day shooting targets at ranges upto 400 yrds but a vixen i shot 1 hour later as she was trotting and stoping every 20yrds at 150yrds was a whole differnt game

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