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Thread: Request for Roebuck head and legs

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    Request for Roebuck head and legs

    Are there any kind stalkers who could make available to me a fresh head and all 4 legs for a research item.Within a 30 mile radius of Worcester so I can collect soonest.Thanking you

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    I would be happy to do this but i am in Somerset close to Junc 25 M5 if this any help.
    Walk little- look often .

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    Could they be freeshly frozen, and when you say leg do you mean the whole leg or from the middle joint. Would a fresh RTA surfice should we get one?


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    Hi woodland stalker thanks for the offer but regrettably too far.

    Hi cyres, Why I require fresh is I wish to send samples off for histology and freezing disrupts cell structure. The legs are the normal discards from below the joints which are binned. Yes a fresh road kill would do nicely as well.

    Thank you both plus my pms.

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    Hi Morena
    If it all gos to plan I'll be out Saturday am, pm me your number and I'll give you a ring if I get something


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    I have a head and 4 legs in a bucket in the chiller from a roe shot on Monday. They were being disposed of today but if they are fresh enough you are welcome. Between studly and Alcester.

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