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Thread: Browning B25 Custom 12g 30" Barrels

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    Browning B25 Custom 12g 30" Barrels

    This Gun started its life as a A1 and was won in a comp by the British Trap champion "Tink" Tinkler, he didnt use it but sent to Belgium for customisation to use as his game gun but unfortunatley he died before it was finished.
    From leaving the shop this gun has been used once on a high driven pheasant day at Whitfield Northumberland 2 seasons ago and it knocked down Pheasants on their extreme day (and a lot more if Tink was using it).

    30” original barrels full & full choke, 6mm rib and as you can see, metal to metal, wood to metal work is perfect, the stock to 3 piece fore end match is also the best I have seen on any Browning gun (better than some of the new D5G’s made today). Game scene engraving that is only found on a Belgium Browning of this class. I bought a leather case for the gun *(not makers) that is included.
    I had been looking for such a gun and bought it after a 18 month search as a long term investment but regretfully need to move it on for personal reasons.
    The gun is 100% and I will take what I paid for the gun 2 1/2 years ago 10,500 no offers as I traded 10.5k cash plus a mint B325 G6 worth 2.1K.

    Please PM me if you need any further information.
    TimClick image for larger version. 

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    If my numbers come up on Friday (or saturday for that matter!) the first 10.5k will be winging its way northward me thinks.....stunning.
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    Thanks for the comments and good Luck!
    The man or lady! that takes it from the cabinet will see a grown man cry, the dog on the breast plate was engraved from a photo of my old lab!

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    Beautiful. Nothing more to say.

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    for sale "1 soul" due to wanting to buy this gun

    a gorgeus boomstick there wish i was a bit more affluent at them monet as im on th elook out for one as well
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    It has a slight right cast and because the wood is French they told me it had plenty of room for play if I wanted it altering. Was so close a fit when they measured me I didnt bother.

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    Still here guys and the seasons almost on us!

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    Just had a reasonable offer from a guy that fell in love with the gun but just beyond his limit so still up for sale.
    Thanks for looking

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    PM replied 15/03/2013

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