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Thread: Digital calling tips?

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    Digital calling tips?


    Not been an avid fox caller until now but after 3 chickens taken I daylight I went out on Sunday night with my fox call uk that has been sitting in my toy box for too long. Sat in my high seat and a somewhat amateur squeak on the caller managed to bring in a pair of nearly fully grown cubs owithin about 5 seconds. Tried for a right and left - got the right but couldn't get on the left before it scarpered .

    Last night I was out to finish the job, as I walked from the house to my woodland I saw what I think was the other half of the brace sniffing around on the road between my house and the woodland, sitting on the Tarmac. Was it smirking at me in the knowledge that I am a law abiding citizen?

    I was able to see it from the woods once I got away from the road, gave another squeak and it b*****red off in the other direction - think I may have educated said fox (did bring in two owls so my squeaks can't have been too off). Damned if I am to be beaten, I therefore ordered a ucaller from Swillingtons in the hopes that it calls more realistically than do, or at least differently.

    So my question is, given that I may not have too many opportunities with this young fox, what is the most effective technique to call it in? Short bursts or keep it playing for a while and hope for the best? Any recommendations on Calling would be gratefully received.


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    Getting your position right is the most important thing. Don't call into the wind, but across it - that way any foxes coming in from downwind will come into your kill zone rather than up behind you. I like to place my caller between 50 and 100 paces out - but try to avoid walking over the path that the fox is likely to come in on when you're putting the caller out, or he'll scent you and be off before you get a chance to drop him. Some smelly bait placed near the caller will also help distract him in those vital few seconds.

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    Thanks Paddy, will see how I get on this weekend

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    HH +1 for Paddy's tips, also once fox has started to come into caller i mute the call and this usually causes the fox to stop and look to where the sound was coming from this can give you a chance for a shot. Be prepared for the fox to come running in tho!

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    All good advice. Also, don't be tempted to try out lots of different calls, as the fewer you use, the lower the chance of educating the fox if it happens to get wind of you when moving in on the caller. If it comes to associate one sound with a human presence that's too bad, but you really don't want to educate it to your whole repertoire in a single evening!

    My rule of thumb is to use out a sequence of 2-3 minutes' calling (one sound) followed by 5 minutes silence, and to repeat this 4-5 times... then, if nothing shows, I'll wait 20-30 minutes before trying again, at which point I might try selecting a different sound, but I won't use more than two in any outing.

    Finally, -and sorry if this is obvious-, give some thought to where the fox is most likely to be coming from and going to when selecting your ambush point and the location of your caller.

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    Thanks very much indeed, all really useful advice. Hopefully I will get the chance to put it into practice this weekend (and try out my new NiteSite ). May cost me a lot of brownie points as it is my son's birthday tomorrow and the wife's on Sunday.

    Thanks again

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