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Thread: leupold cascades binos loose

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    leupold cascades binos loose

    I have a pair of leupold cascade binos and they have become loose.
    when i put them to my eyes and set them they are great but within seconds they slowly close ( distance between each eye piece )
    is this something i can tighten myself or will they have to go back to leupold. I brought them from the states a couple of years ago.
    Or would my local gun shop be able to help?


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    Gun shops & binoculars = dont mix the two

    If there's nothing in the owners manual, or on-line at the Leuppold site about how to fix the problem = take them to a specialist binocular shop

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    If you send them back to leupold I understand that they have a 30 year warrenty thea should be fixed for free, but when they get sent back to the UK you will get hit for import duty as original purchase was in the USA (bet they came through to UK in your suitcase?) I was hit with my SLR camera which I had left in a hotel room in detroit but had lost the reciept and could not prove european purchase to UK customs so I was stung for duties.

    Are they worth that much for the trouble?


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    try Glasgow binocular repair company they r very good
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