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Thread: freelander 2 engine type

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    freelander 2 engine type

    guys for the petrol heads / mechanics on the site .
    can someone tell me what engine powers a 59 plate freelander 2

    bmw . transit . tata . or a genuine landrover . or something else ?

    regards pete .

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    petrol diesel LPG or chicken droppings version?

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    its out of a volvo. petrol one anyway.

    the derv one is a jag/mundano one, as its the same floorpan,

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    sorry guys a 2.2 diesel eco regards pete

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    You've not gone and bust it??

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    jag x type and mundano then,

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    Those are Peugeot units I believe.
    it was designed under the Ford ownership and as they cannot design engines "as one of their own top men told me personally" so they buy them in from Peugeot and Suzuki

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    I have an 08 model, as far as I know this is an engine developed by jaguar / land rover, it is certainly made by them. The defender 2.4 tdci which I also have is a ford engine, the new defenders have the same 2.2 as the freelander...

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    many thanks guys regards pete .

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    when did they stop using the self destucting rover Kseries petrol in the poorlander.

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