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Thread: liability insurance

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    liability insurance

    I wonder if anyone could clarify this for me:

    I understand that BASC membership comes with insurance. Do I understand correctly? And does this include liability insurance? Ie. if were stalking / bunny controlling, and accidentally shot someone / someone's livestock, would I be covered?

    I'm finding it a little hard to disentangle the wording on thier website.

    If basic membership does not come with liability insurance, could anyone recommend a good one?

    Many thanks.

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    Just to add, this would be hobby stalking and bunny bashing, not for payment.

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    Try SACS for insurance. IMO it's a more inclusive package with Legal Expenses covered as well. Included with membership and you can join as a forum member for a very good price.

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    Yes, the BASC package does offer a very good liablity insurance, I know two people who have been very glad to have it.

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    Try scottish gamekeeper membership comes with 10 million pounds liability insurance

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    You're even insured if you kill someone with a bow!

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    Pretty sure BASC covers most incidents as long as you are within the law not negligentand not doing it as a business.I have a separate insurance that covers me for my pest control business

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    Great - thanks folks.

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    Mungo, you would be better advised to speak to BASC direct and ask them rather than rely on third party opinion and comment.

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    Yes, I've done that and am waiting for a reply.

    However, I'd assumed (correctly) that there would be members here who knew what coverage they had.

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