Hi All,

Scott Country have set aside one new Pulsar N750 for use as a dedicated demonstration model. We offered a demo N550 before which proved to be successful and allowed people to "try before you buy".

Obtaining the demo model works as follows:

Contact Scott Country by email or phone with your intention to try the demo model. You would then have to place an order over the phone or on the Scott Country website.
You would pay the full retail price after which you would receive the demo N750. You then have 7 days from the day you receive it to return it back to us.
No weaver mounts are supplied for it to be fitted to your rifle as the sheer number of mounts available is too great for us to be able to keep a full compliment for demonstration purposes.
If you decide that the N750 is not for you, simply return it within the 7 day period and we will refund your money immediately upon receipt of the demo unit.
If you decide that the N750 is to your liking and you wish to purchase the unit, you would still need to return the unit back to us as it is a dedicated demo unit. We would then send you a brand new unit.

Also, Scott Country are offering the new Pulsar N750 Digisight with a free Pulsar EPS3 rechargeable lithium battery worth 84.95. This rechargeable lithium unit can give you up to 10 hours run time. The Pulsar EPS3 battery can also be mounted directly to the accessory rail on the N750 which means you no longer have to carry it in you pocket. The EPS3 battery is also very light and won't affect the balance of your gun.

Cowan Scott
Scott Country International