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    Blood Enhancer

    So there I was last night when my mate whacked a nice little Roe buck in a small clearing in a wood we shoot.

    Buck showed good reaction to H&L shot and ran off on a death dash into the nearby woodline. On getting out of our high seat we went over to where we believed the buck was and found a good amount of out and blood. Following it to where we last saw the buck disappear we went into the wood which was now very dark due to the heavy canopy overhead.

    Ordinarily this would have a been a good time to use the dog however, as we had left both dogs at home I was expecting a long follow up. At this point my mate pulls out a bottle of what I though was disinfectant, it turns out to be chemical blood enhancer which he sprays on the ground. As the liquid hits blood it illuminates like one of those chemical light sticks, result. One very easily found buck.

    All I can say is this stuff is FANTASTIC in the dark, it lights up the blood trail which I would suggest you would have problems finding under torch light.

    I've ordered myself some already:

    Try it, you might like it lol........

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    Anyone else used this stuff or have any experiences of using it?

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    I use the Jetmonster...the biggest, blackest, baddest labrador in the north west!

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