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Thread: Sika Stag Stalking

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    Sika Stag Stalking

    Because of a late cancellation I have the weekend of 25th/26th August available for 2 rifles on Stobo Estate, Peebleshire in the Scottish Borders.

    I would prefer to give priority to two rifles who stalk together but if I cannot fill them that way then two individuals can be taken. Likewise I would prefer to let the 2 days as a block booking but may split into single days if I cannot do this.

    Both days will be a guided morning and evening outing of approx 3-4 hours duration each, either from high seats or on foot.

    Both rifles will be entitled to take one mature 8 point stag each on both days and any number of lesser beasts that present themselves, at the guides discretion. No medal class beasts will be taken as part of this package unless the guest is prepared to pay the additional fee. I have had several members from the SD out with me who will testify to the numbers and quality of deer on the estate but please remember it is sika stalking!

    Total cost per rifle per day is 250 (no further trophy fees).

    PM me please with any further queries. There are plenty of B&B's in the area for about 40-60 per night.
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    Hi I used to live in broughton. My dad still does . We would both me keen to take the stalking. Could you send me more info please. Cheers

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    I can thoroughly endorse the quality of this ground, there are plenty of superb deer on it and Jamross knows what he's doing. I went last season and I'm going again later this year - can't say fairer than that.

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