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Thread: My Parker Hale 270

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    My Parker Hale 270

    Hi Guys, some of you may remember a few months ago I bought A Parker Hale Safari rifle in 270 Win. Caliber made circa 1965. Well the trigger was Shagging awful and no amount of fiddling was going to fix it. So Cliffsgunsmithing in the US came to the rescue with a Timny trigger the cost was 40 including postage. Then a great guy at Rakers (Barry) fitted it not stiaght forward but to a guy like Barry soon fixed. Next to arrive from the states was my new scope. A 3-9x50 made by Barska in China( I can here you laughing) but you should always pay more for your scope than your rifle and as the rifle cost 60 I thought 75 for the scope was plenty and that included post and tax.
    So last night I zeroed and after bore sighting 8 rounds had it on zero. Let the barrel cool a bit and put 1st round through a half inch bull at 100 yrds the next was 1 inch to the right. I think I have a bargain and cant wait for the rut in Scotland this Oct.
    I may put a Boyds thumbhole stock on it but I really like the balence of this rifle and as a boyds is 100 it may have to wait till after Christmas.

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    Nice one can't beat a bargain may well do a similar project with a 308 if I can persuade the local firearms to let me have another 308 on ticket

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    Go for it mate, its good fun just to see how cheap you can do it. And the deer dont care how expensive the rifle that kills them is.


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    Geez those ph rifles are cheap here.

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    Good rifles like to be shot. It's nice to see these "orphans" given some meat to eat!~Muir

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    After a lot of shots through her that barska may not be as good as you think.
    Imo Save the new stock money to go towards a better scope,even second hand!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigoak View Post
    Geez those ph rifles are cheap here.
    They soon come away from that when you load them up with a SS barrel and an upgraded stock, whether timber or ally bedded syn!

    I have a couple here that have had the treatment and they are a great platform rifle that shoot really well.

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    Tusker, good to see things come together. Like Grf my concern re your scope would be "fogging" i.e. it taking in moisture after a few days in the rain and cold on the hill. I'd grab a mid priced 3-9 x leupold or Zeiss conquest for it before i went on the hill. Second hand is good.

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    I now have the Parker hale bug i have a 30.06 1200 deluxe that i have stripped and oiled the stock, lovely rifle accurate too. I have just purchased another one in .243.

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    I take your points on the Barska guys. This will be my 3rd one. I still have a 1.5-4 x 26 that has seen some horendus conditions in Eastern Euro without any problems, I sold the 4-16 x 50 . nothing wrong with it but needed the cash for a Bushnell.

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