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Thread: quad sticks

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    quad sticks

    who makes the best and tested quad sticks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington View Post

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    I also agree. he came out stalking with me and checked the zero of his rifle off them. I was a bit suspect of that as the option was there to lie down with a bi-pod. That was until I had a go with the rifle on them. Absolutely rock solid and cheap as well...

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    There is a Polish made one which has a fith stick on a hinge for the ultimate stability but I will need to chase the name of it up.

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    Learn to shoot of normal sticks.
    never seen a set with more then 2 legs i like.
    all horrible for woodland roe and uneven ground shooting.
    I loathe them all with a passion.
    heavy, noisey, clumsy and useless to kneel and shoot with.
    Had more roe frightend off with these in use then are ever shot off them.
    rant over.

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    I dont know John some of your more recent guests could do with a set . But i am a sticks man cross sticks do anything a woodland stalker should need.
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    I will continue to make these for people if they request a set by pm.

    Need to know height and if you shoot left or right handed.

    Heres the link:
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    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by tolley View Post
    who makes the best and tested quad sticks?
    You do

    Here is a step by step to make your own set, its a bit like tying a fly, or reloading, catching / shooting something with something you made yourself increases the enjoyment.

    You will need,

    Green Garden Canes 1800mm x 16mm, 1700mm x 11mm.
    Bungee Rope
    O rings, Bike Inner Tube or Bridle Rope

    Most of you will have seen Bipod stalking sticks using garden canes.

    Simply make two sets of these,

    By joining the sticks with either large o rings, inner tube or a bridle rubber you will be able to adjust he height to allow for sitting shots.

    You may think this is not necessary as the support you get when using these is as good as when prone, but do you really want to stand for 2 hours waiting for the elusive buck to show up.

    Join both sets together at the bottom using 3/8 bungee rope, go around the sticks 3 times this will make them sufficiently stiff to work as a bipod for quick shots.

    I found I needed to shorten one of the 4 poles to make for a more comfortable shooting position.

    The sticks work great as a normal bipod sticks and have the benefit of being ultra stable when fully deployed for those longer range shots.

    You will need to practice the use of them to get the full benefit them, and some range time to assess your abilities with them.

    I am 6 5 and found I needed to use 1800mm x 16mm Green garden canes to be able to use them as a bipod, if you are shorter you are lucky enough to be able to use 1700mm x 11mm which makes a lighter smaller set of sticks.

    I have used single, bipod and tripod sticks over the years but these are by far the best I have used so far I have used the first pair I made for 4 or 5 years before running over them with the quad.

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