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Thread: Poaching. How common is it?

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    Poaching. How common is it?

    I saw a post on another thread referring to poached sika, how common is poaching? what signs do you see, anyone been convicted in your area?

    Just interested, I don't know of it happening round here, although I do know a farmer who is convinced that people are taking his sheep to feed to fighting dogs..

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    very very common , they operate in the middle of the night and do not approach them they are normally hardend criminals !!!!!!!!!!!!!! trust me i know first hand !!!!!

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    I think it goes on in various shapes and forms, wherever you stay, as it has done for many a year, ground will have alot to do with it (type) poachers will not want to work to hard for their quarry.


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    A regular occurance around these parts.

    2.40/Kg isnt helping either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Why fighting dogs
    Just his theory, sheep were going missing, he reasoned that they were going to these breeders of pit bulls etc, it would hardly be worth taking them for the mutton. 5-10 big dogs would need quite a lot of meat, cheaper to just go out and take it if you can.

    They have never been caught so no one knows...

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    I know a few - pretty dastardly IMHO but I personally think benefits frauds are worse so until they're sorted out I won't be sticking my neck out accusing people of things I can't prove other than when they've made slips of the tongue!

    From what I can gather they always shoot at night, and they do "circuits" of likely spots usually as a pair (to get the carcass out quick).

    You'll hear them casually talking to people about where they got one, or where they've seen them - I only picked up on this when I overheard someone I knew did it talking to someone I knew in the pub.

    Theres an estate near me where they have 2 visits a year from a large group of 15 or so poachers who drive the fallow to a point at night the murder them in mass - the gamekeeper doesn't even bother getting out of bed as the armed response time is 3 hours (by which time poachers are gone)!

    I suspect it's a lot more common than we think!

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    lots of types of poaching and lots of types of poacher.... but poaching in Scotland is one of those things best ignored for the most. The police can't charge without two forms of evidence (so they tell me). Unless you see a poacher do the deed and there is other evidence, gralloch left, rifle in the car etc and the police are there before they leave then the chances of a conviction are slim.

    Effective poaching of deer is not too common but the attempt at it is more common where deer that are highly visible are shot at by idiots with rimfires. I get the phone calls to come and check deer around us now and again, The last being a fallow with a rimfire that had gone through it's neck, the one before that was a roe that was lung shot. The dog I came across one that was alive but really messed up quite a few years ago stalking on my ground that had been shot with 6's, I knew exactly who had taken the shot as he like to walk my ground with his shotgun and wasn't bothered because he knew the police wouldn't bother. He's was right too, they weren't interested because without evidence they can't do anything, my word against his isn't worth anything.

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    Theres a few fellas run their dogs here in Poole

    Lot of poaching round here and i agree its probably more common than most people think..
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    Fighting dogs and poachers in the one thread not good for the site. It goes on here in a small way but only were the deer are in very high numbers normally two high numbers. We don't get many full commercial poachers just a few dog men and the odd chancer with a lamp.
    Certainly not enough to waste public resources on we have bigger problems that need delt with.

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