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Thread: Dsc1 training with jelen

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    Dsc1 training with jelen

    Just passed my DSC1 with the help of JELEN DEER SERVICES,been wanting to take it for years,but there was always something else to pay for ! Professional help from signing up for the course,through studying via the JELEN interactive online learning centre ,to pre DSC1 courses at JELEN'S main offices in Hampshire,made it a smooth,hassle free process.If you put the time in online before taking the course,you arrive primed for a bit of final tweeking,which gets you a pass.Mike,Dave,Tony and Mark took their time with the lectures,covering all we needed to know,but also passing on their own practical knowledge learnt ,through years of 'on the job' experience.It was refreshing to study with people that actually care about deer and their environment and with the current rate of deer expansion ,suggesting that deer will eventually spread into all areas of lowland England and Wales with suitable habitat in the near future,it is good to know that there will be suitably trained people out there to manage them.Thanks for a great course guys!!

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    Well done Mark,on passing always new you would.Hope your luck changes soon as I know you have had a bad patch recently.We will defo get out together soon,look after yourself my mate Tone.

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    Cheers Tony,yes mate definitely,i will look forward to it .Well we both passed despite everything,we're trained and good to go.Just need to get my work sorted and we will book some outings,you look after yourself.

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