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Thread: Insa Turbo Daka Tyres, Any good ?

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    Insa Turbo Daka Tyres, Any good ?

    Looking to put a set on my ford ranger, any one had thease tyres?
    Or can anyone recomend a good tyre that dont cost the earth.


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    Cant help on the tyres Luke but youve got the best wagon out there in the Ranger
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    I used to run remoulds on my landy, i did a lot of miles, they wear out fast. when I bought the new landy I went for branded tyres, they are sooo much cheaper. You spend 300 on a set of remould, and they last less than 15,000 miles. Spend 500 on some decent tyres and they last 40-50,000 miles. Per mile remoulds are expensive, twice the price of branded tyres in some cases. My landy has had 2 sets of tyres, it has done 90,000 miles from new, the first set were pirelli scorpion mud tyres and the second are Kumho kl71's the Kumho's probably have another 10k in them yet! Remoulds give a bone shakingly hard ride too.

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    My Defender is on it's second set of Insa Turbo Dakar tyres. I was recommended these tyres by a mate who is into serious off road competitions. He uses the more agressive special track version. The Dakars are a 80/20 tyre with excellent traction properties. They are very quiet on road compared to some off road tyres and have good road manners driving at sensible speeds. They will not give you the life of say a BFG but at half the price they are good value. I have been stuck a couple of times but that was in serious mud, other than that these tyres will cope with hard off road conditions. My first set lasted about 35,000.

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    Kumho kh71
    I've got em on my discovery and they are great tyres!!!
    Have a look here:

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    Just reading the other posts re tyre life. It has to be remembered that these tyres are designed as a 80/20 tyre. If their use is 80% on road and not 80% off road they will not last as long.

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    As Tom D said the remoulds look cheaper but you have to way up the tyre life. A set of BF Goodrich will cost more but I know alot of people who have had between 60000 - 100000 miles out of a set which then makes them alot cheaper than you remoulds.

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    I once (only the once mind....) when living in East Africa bought a new 110 County station wagon.

    Rather than the poncy alloys it came with steel wheels - and Michelin XZY (I think) tyres - regroovable truck tyres. I kept it three years at which point it had done 60k kilometres on some of the worst roads in the world. The tyres never had a puncture and had at least another 60k in them - brilliant.

    I remember pricing them a while ago - they were over 200 a rim - but this may be worth it inthe end?

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    I had a set on my landy I would get them again

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    got Cooper discovery STs on the Trooper and the wife has a new set of Duellers the new patern on here Forester, the Coopers have done about 58,000 now and got about 6mm left on them.

    luckily a Ranger and land rovers can't go where the Trooper can so you should be ok with the Insa's
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