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Thread: Cape Buffalo

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    Cape Buffalo

    I've got a nice Cape Buffalo head that I've been meaning to get mounted for a while. Does anyone have any recommendations in terms of a really good taxidermist?



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    Colin Dunton, probably the best taxidermist in the UK, ex Rowland Wards and a very decent straight guy to deal with. Any taxidermist with a Cape Buff to mount will need to make sure it is tanned and oiled well, otherwise the skin will move.
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    Phil Leggett.
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Paul Taylor at Dorchester..

    Your not far away so definately worth a phone call and a ride down to see his work.

    Saw a cape buff mount done by Paul and it was awesome.

    Hes doing my African trophy's and Bison

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    Thanks guys, I'll get on the phone!


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    Bill Matthews has done some local fauna heads for friends and mounted skulls for me - he is ex-Nico Van Rooyen? (South Africa) and worked on african animals for many years. I had my plains game done at NVR some years ago.

    I would recommend him but he can be busy.


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