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Thread: Rattling up deer

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    Rattling up deer

    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried rattling up deer in the UK as is very popular in the states. Now the roe rut is on I am going to give it a try this weekend using a pair of whitetail horns that I have lying around.
    I will report back.

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    Only on Fallow. It worked a treat, but you need to be near the rutting stand.

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    I've done it in Canada while over there. Was interesting to do much the same as calling them here. You do it. And wait. Nothing nothing nothing. Then bingo a buck appears.
    If it works good for you. Just don't rattle too much.
    Cheers Andrew

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    Roe being territorial would i am sure react to most noises in there territory. But why use white tail deer antlers if it were me i would use roe deer also seen a video of a chap who had to buck out lines on a pigeon magnet that worked also.
    Better in my opinion just to go out and stalk them

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    Ta for the feedback, just that I have no idea if it will work on roe or not but as the hunt area is located around my house theres nothing really lost on travelling hotels etc.

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    A couple of dry hazel sticks will also do the trick for Roe.
    The important thing is they must be very dry to get the correct rattle.

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    Well tried it out on Fri & Sat but as every field has been harvested here now and the woods are also being picked clean of wood by the little landowners because of the fuel oil prices = lots of disturbance about. it seems all the deer have gone to ground so I have had no response to the rattling yet.

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