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Thread: Unlucky fried bambi!

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    Unlucky fried bambi!

    Hi all, new recipe created last night:

    Take one silverside or thick flank of roe (previously seam cut out of a haunch) and trim of all sinews and tendons (including the silvery fascia especially seen on silverside). Cut into thin strips approx 1/4inch thick across the grain.

    Put 4oz plain flour into a large plastic bag along with 2/3rds tsp ground ginger
    1tsp ground coriander
    2tsp hot smoked parika
    1tsp cumin

    Meanwhile beat 1 egg in a bowl and dump the veni strips in with it. Mix it around to get an even coating and then place in bag with flour mix.
    Shake it like a polaroid picture (as the song would have it) until evenly coated.

    While your'e doing this you will have had a deep fat fryer or pan on the hob coming up to temp.

    When very hot add all the venison and cook until the coating is crispy. Don't worry about the venison as it will stay moist.

    Drain and place on kitchen towel in a bowl.

    Serve with mountains of noodles and stir fried spring cabbage/mushies/onions whatever.




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    just wanted to say thank u for ur idea tryed it 2day wiv muntjac

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    No probs. Also works for rabbit portions (young half grown ones are best)



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