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Thread: X42 or x56 Objective Bins?

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    X42 or x56 Objective Bins?

    As per the title. Is x56 worth the extra weight over x42?



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    No 42's are ample. Also may get into situation you can see it through your bins but not scope unless you have the very best of scopes.


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    Something like 8x56 Zeiss Dialyt will not be much heavier than most x42 and better in low light. Latest 8x56 from the top 3 are way too heavy.

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    Bear in mind bulkiness as well as weight, the extra size of the x56 could make them more of a nuisance hanging on your chest. Although I have never used anything greater than x42, I cannot fault them.

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    Cheers. I was leaning towards 42's. Only going mid range. Looking at either buying a pair of Sightron S3 8x42 Lr's.

    Or a pair of Meopro 8x42's

    Can get both about the same price by importing the Sightrons.


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    I've had a pair of Swaro SL8x56 for more years than I care to mention and just had them serviced/rebuilt. Yes they are heavier than the 42s and so will their current model line equivalents be, but if you want the ultimate in vision at either end of the day then you'll be hard pushed to beat a pair of 8x56 from any of the top manufacturers. They have proved themselves time and again in situations where animals can be seen through the bins but not the 'scope, (mornings), because it allows you to assess, prepare and maybe move into position even before shooting light arrives.

    Having said that, nowadays I mainly use them when in a static or highseat position and trundle round with a pair of 8x32s!

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