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Thread: Mark 1?

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    Question Mark 1?

    Has anyone spoken to Mark 1 off the site recently?

    I'm supposed to be going out with him tomorrow following my successful bid for the stalk he auctioned in the recent RNLI fundraiser in memory of Pheasant Sniper's nephew; I've left a couple of messages for him recently to try and arrange the details for meeting, etc, but no joy.

    Anyone know where he is? If so, can you ask him to call me on my mobile?


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    Hi mate....I have left him a message....I will PM you his mobile number now....dozy t**t has probably forgotten!

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    Thanks for the money benefitting the rnli!

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    Hi Merlin

    Just wanted to wish you all the best on your stalk..

    Thanks again for putting the winning bid in and many thanks to Mark for his generous offer

    Look forward to reading the write up of how you get on


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