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Thread: Swarovski z6 2.5-15x56

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    Swarovski z6 2.5-15x56

    For sale as above with 4a ret brand new boxed and ready to be fitted to your rifle
    all I need from you is 1200 and your address

    Thanks for looking


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    Has it got a ballistic turret?

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    not Paul,but no m8

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    No mate but you can get them retro fitted and still be cheaper than this scope cost


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    Hi paul...
    I have a new nxs nightforce 8x32x56 ill np-r2 ret..scope if u are intrested in a swap

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    I could really do with the cash as I've just got a 6-24 zeiss

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    hi paul..
    the nightforce will be a lot easier to shift...and it is as new mint condition...

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    Maybe so but my scope is brand new boxed 2nd generation swarovski I'm sure someone wants it for 1200 you could buy it and sell yours even
    By Christ that was a good shot

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    hi paul..
    i am going to put my nightforce on the form tonight...
    i would be intrested in ur z6..can u pm me some pic's....

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    By Christ that was a good shot

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