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Thread: Think of new rifle

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    Think of new rifle

    Been thinking for ages to get a small centre-fire rife for foxing and long range varmiting, have a 243. at the moment that fire 75gr v-max which I use for everything.

    But just fancy something thatís going to let me see the bullet strike when out lamping for foxing especially. I was thinking of just loading up some 55gr for the 243. to try out but not got around to it.

    So 2 questions.

    1. Would a 55gr bullet coming out of a 243. let me see the bullet strike when lamping?

    2. How does the 204 ruger stand up to a windy night.

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    Never used the .204 but used alot of 58 grain bullets out of my .243 and could see the
    impressive bullet strike, don't think the foxes were quite as impressed though

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    Spend £30 on some 55gr heads and play about with some loads, it'll save you a small fortune and you'll get to see the bullet strike.
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Not sure you will see any difference between the bullet speeds,without looking in data I would guess both heads will do out to 500yds in half a second

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    I'm sure the 243 with a 55gr+ would be more than adequate for charlie but if you fancy something new then the 204 is lovely to shoot.As for windy night i have never missed what i aimed at and shot with the 204 because of wind.(sub 200 meters)

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