A few weeks ago, I noticed that one of the scales on my much used and abused Swiss Champ knife has cracked. Together with the bent saw, lost accessories and broken springs, this signaled that it was time for a trip to the Swiss knife clinic. I found out from the Victorinox website that the UK importers was Burton McCall in Leicester. I emailed them about having my knife fixed, and they asked me to post it to them for a diagnostic. A week later, they contacted me to say that it would have to go back to the factory for repairs, which would take a minimum of eight weeks. Or alternately, I could just have a new one. Much as I was attached to my knife (we've had lots of adventures together), it's a mass-produced item identical to thousands of others, so I accepted the offer of a new one. It duly arrived in the post yesterday, and is now nestling in the worn out rectangular space in my pocket that the old one made. And I feel properly dressed again, as not having it there bugs me a whole lot more than not wearing a watch for instance.

So I just want to thank Burton McCall and Victorinox for their help, and I think it's worth sharing that with others who may have knackered Swiss Army knives out there!