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Thread: Where to get first stalk

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    Where to get first stalk

    Hello, I posted earlier in the 'Introduction' section to see if I could get any suggestions of where I can get an introduction to stalking/deer mgmnt in my local area (SW Herts). 'Predatorcontol' suggested I post in this section so please see my original post below; any help would be appreciated.

    Hello, I'm on here to introduce myself. I'm new to this game, having got into shooting a couple of years ago. I currently shoot small ground game and am in a local syndicate for pheasants. I like the social aspect of bird shooting but have come to realise I'm happiest when out walking with my gun and dog taking the odd one for the pot. I've got a 7 month old GWP that I'm trying to train up at the moment.

    My mind has turned to stalking and I'm currently reading up the DSC1 literature and have booked myself on one of the Pre-DSC training days with BASC in June, mainly to get more experience with CF rifles and also to help my FAC application when I go for it.

    I've been looking for someone to take me on a trial stalk. I've contacted a few of the companies that I've found on the internet but have found it hard to find someone who will call me back or seems interested in taking me out, even though I'll be paying. It seems they're more interested in those who want to pay big money for a trophy. Family commitments mean I can't travel too far from home (Herts/Bucks borders).

    I wonder if anyone on here can suggest somewhere where I can get some experience - I don't mind not shooting on the first occasion and I don't mind paying.

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    Have you tried the basc scheme in thetford?

    95quid - you'll get a chance to shoot a cf, and if you pass the test a chance to shoot a deer.

    Des Green is a legend - he was the guy who took Gordon Ramsey out and has been a professional stalker for about 200 years - just think of him as a bit like Yoda

    95 quid aint a lot to fork out to see if you like it before committing your money to DSC1 etc and will look good for FAC that you have had some practicval experience

    not too far.

    no trophy fees

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    Des Green is a legend - he was the guy who took Gordon Ramsey out and has been a professional stalker for about 200 years - just think of him as a bit like Yoda
    Yoda! Yoda

    Wait til I catch up with him He will not like Yoda! but I love it

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    I am not in your neck of the woods, but if you have no luck locally please Pm me and I will sort you out a days stalking in West Sussex on Roe Bucks.

    All the best Sikamalc

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    teach you to stalk he will

    book with BASC you must

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    Thanks for the advice. I've just booked on the Kings Forest shoot for a day in June. I'm getting excited already and its just the thing to get my DSC reading back on track.

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    Well done Gully.

    You will be fine on your Level 1. You are very lucky to be able to have some practical experience beforehand. I am pleased that you have booked for June and wish you luck.


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    Good on ya gully - you'll definitely get some experience and advice with a rifle and you'll almost certainly see deer (I think they now have an estate rifle that might limit you to shooting muntjac only) but you will have a great time with some great company

    June'll soon be here and then the money will really start to flow

    If anyone else wants to get a good grounding or just try stalking - they can do a lot worse than spending a little bit of money before plunging in headfirstlet us know how ya get on

    Gully PM me with more details of where you are .. I work on the cambs/herts border and would be happy to meet up for a beer/coffee to help give you some pointers etc if you like!!

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    Thanks for all the help. This looks like a good forum - some of the hunting ones seem to be populated by 13 year old idiots.

    I think the estate rifle there is a .223 so I guess its for muntjac only. Nautilus, I'm on the other side of Herts, between Aylesbury & Hemel Hempstead, just on the edge of Ashridge Forest, so its teeming with deer down here.

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    Gully, you will love it! No ifs, no buts. You will have a cracking time and wonder why you didn't start this lark years ago. All the best!

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