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Thread: Wild driven hunt in Bulgaria -480 Eur!

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    Wild driven hunt in Bulgaria -480 Eur!

    Dear Friends,

    this season we offer you very good driven hunt areas as always.They are located in the Central Balkan mountains chain "Stara Planina", in the villages Debnevo,Bulgarene,Zla reka,Cherny osam,Ablanica,Vidima and Staro Selo, as well as the resort town Apriltsi. The region is mountains like, with high hill peaks, meandering rivers and vast plain fields, that makes hunting very exciting. The areas are located in one of the most game-rich areas, making hunting 100% successful, thereby we can give preferential prices for hunting without paying fees for shooting game.But in some areas local hunting groups wants from foreign hunters to pay about 100 Euro per wild boar( the minimum price from a list of ministry of forests and agriculture for organized hunting tourism in national hunting grounds.)Of Course everything will be cleared before booking of your trip.If you have interest we will give you detailed information for every hunting area.Certainly driven hunt causes enjoyable thrill among every hunter and is a perfect way to escape from the ordinary days. The period in when the hunting is organized is from October 1 until the second week of January.
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    So the offer is:
    Our offer for driven hunt includes 3 night stays, 2 hunting days with prices as follows:
    • For groups of 3 to 7 people - € 480
    • For groups of 8 to 12 people - € 430

    Included in the price:

    • All wild boars shot by a hunter;
    • Preparation of all necessary documents (game shooting license with one month validity, veterinary certificate, export documents);

    • Accommodation in double rooms;
    • Full board – breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as soft drinks and hot drinks;
    • Organization of the hunt (local guide, drivers, dogs);
    • Four-wheel drive vehicles during the hunt;
    • Interpreter;
    • Stuffing of trophies.

    Price for persons accompanying hunters – € 250
    This offer is for the period from 1st October to 31st December.
    Sometimes it is possible this period to be extended until the end of the second week of January.
    Not include:

    • Accommodation in a single room – plus € 20 a person;
    • Alcoholic drinks.
    • Transportation from the airport to the hunting ground and back-200 Eur per vehicle

    All prices are promotional and they are valid to 15- een Octomber!

    For more info: Helia hunting | Home
    contact at

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    wow that sounds very reasonable I take it there no trophy fees for big boar ??? also can you clarify the "stuffing of trophies" does this mean if you shoot a trophy boar you get the head mounted in with the price ?? whats the rules with taking your own firearms accross and which is the best airline to use

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    how productive is the ground we would hunt on or how many boar would you expect from 2 days hunting?

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    Dear hunters,

    about wild hunting ,areas I can't give you 100% for success,this are totaly wild areas.I can give only approximate statistics,our powerful season is 12-
    weekends from Octomber to December-for this season in our best wild areas the local groups shoot obout 100-120 boars,the minimum boars that local groups shoot per season are 20-30 boars per season.Some times only 2-3 boars can be shoot per weekend some times 17-18 boars can be shoot per one day.
    About trophies usually the hunter take only tusks.
    Tho import firearms in Bulgaria you need only "European firearm pass"
    About flights usually clients use Bulgaria-air,the cheapest company like Wizz -air don't allow fire arms on board, choose your dates and we can help you for flights.
    For more information don't hesitate to contact me.

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    I am deffo interested I will speak to a few freinds to see what sort of numbers I can get togeather

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    Don't mean to be picking any argument, probably just the way you have written the information. (Very well really as English not your first language). Please confirm that there is NO fee to shoot ANY animal in ANY area. Also under the heading on what IS included, transferes to and from hunting ground IS included, then lower down under the heading NOT INCLUDED states transport to and from airport is 200 EUR per vehicle. Is this for non hunters? Please clarify. Have you offered and had Clients from UK before. If so any idea of cost of flights?

    I have a party of 3 interested. So if others on here interested could put a group together.

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    Hi woodmaster,

    1-Please confirm that there is NO fee to shoot ANY animal in ANY area.-As you see in offer above in some areas local hunting groups want 50-100 Eur per wild boar,this are areas Zla reka and Vidima near by Apriltsi in other 6 -areas the hunt is free of any trophy fees. In wild hunting areas the chances for success are equal in All areas in this region(by my opinion) but the statistics showed that this two areas are the most productive.
    2-states transport to and from airport is 200 EUR per vehicle?-Yes this is correct and this is for all Persons hunters or non hunters:if you are three guns the transport will be 200/3=66 Eur per person.
    About flights the prices usually are about 120-220 Eur-this depends how early the flight is booked(London-Sofia) this is for return ticket, also the firearm will be charged about 40-50 Eur per gun.
    Sorry for my English it's my third language
    For more information don't hesitate to contact me.

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    Will predators be included for free like jackal and fox, thanks

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    Yes of course all predators are included.
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    When is the best time to visit for boar hunting in Bulgaria? Early in the season or later? Clearly later will be colder but when are the boar most active?

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