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Thread: Graf Brothers NZ

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    Graf Brothers NZ

    Graf brothers informative film on the use of 1080 poison in NZ.

    This film also contains some pretty good footage of Red Stags being "roared" into to close quarters in the NZ bush.



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    What a sad and cruel way of controlling the deer - thats goverment for you

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    1080 Poison is used for the control of possoms, the deer are a "by catch" of the drops, along with many of the native birds.



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    Hi Ben,
    I would have expected a lot better from an advanced country such as NZ, I remember reading a few years ago about the Australian govt using their army to control fearl cats etc.
    I dont know anything about Possoms - would it be that hard to control them by shooting - are they native to NZ or were they introduced,

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    Possoms can be spotlighted but good luck to you managing to do that way out in the bush, especially covering some of the terrain would just not be practical.

    They were introduced, they have incredibly soft and warm fur.

    Trapping is very effective and can be lucrative, Davey Hughes (owner of Swazi Clothing) and Annabel Langbein (NZ Chef/author) were both trappers before their respective careers took off.

    Despite the use of 1080 poison, NZ still remains one of the best hunting and fishing countries in the world.

    If you get the chance it is well worth a visit.



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    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for your reply,

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    Not saying it is right,but regarding the regeneration of native bush it does seem to work....

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