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Thread: An impromptu stalk............

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    An impromptu stalk............

    I was sat in home having done a fair bit of prep for the next Farmers market and thought what the hell,so I took the dogs out for an early walk and popped over to a bit of permission I have on the Mendips looking for a decent Buck that I saw a couple of weeks ago while out with Foxdropper off the forum.I got there as the sun was on it's way down,and had to check zero on the rifle with a new load before I could get going,and with that done and more than satisfyingly I started off to where I thought this Buck might of been which is basically the far side of the permission.It was devilishly heavy and I was sweating like a glass blowers' ar5e,I was carefully checking each hedge line and gateway on the way to the proposed ambush,and as I was checking the last gateway in the first field I was watching 5 Hares playing in a field of clover when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a small movement down in the lee of the bottom hedge it was what I think(still not 100% sure)was my Buck couched up and with two Does in tow. I checked him out and he was a good Buck,but,no shot on as there is an old drovers trail behind him,and below there the fields drop away,so it was a round the houses(so to speak)trip to get into a place for a shot,but before that I would try the Buttulo,and I gave him a good few Pheeps and at one point he got up and half heartedly gave the nearest Doe a chase,and then he couched down again,so either the rut hasn't quite got going yet or he is a bit I decided to get into a better position and off I went with a herd of young calves following close they do! I thought that they might put the Buck on edge for a minute as they were tearing up and down the field adjacent to his that I was now in,but he seemed oblivious to all of this stampeding,and as I got to a part of the dividing wall that was falling down and with a small break in the bramble to poke the rifle through there he was still couched up with his two Does feeding hard getting ready to hold him So,I gave him a little Hurumph! and he casually got up(too cool for his own good)he stood there broadside and I took no time to drop him,and he went down with one bicycle kick and then it was all still,the Does carried on eating until after a few minutes wait I broke cover and they then deserted the field for safer climes,when I got up to him he was obviously a decent Buck but whether it was the one I was originally after I am still unsure,and will have to recheck the ground maybe next week to be sure,anyway here he is a 7 pointer...........

    and a pic of the field he was in..........


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    Congratulations for the nice buck!
    Well done, nice story, nice stalking!

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    Well done, Martin, that head will look good on a shield - have you ever thought about selling them? I've seen a few in souvenir shops marked up for fairly high prices.Been out a couple of times this week, but the rut still seems a bit stop/start round here.

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    Nice on martin a cracking buck pal, bloody long brow tines wow.

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    Cheers everyone,and he has a small point coming out of the inside of the left hand tine Remmy,and I did have the video camera with me Glogin but I am not as dextrous as you mate,and although I tried to get it all on film it just didn't try harder.....or get a rod rest with an attachment to set up remotely....Hmmm? )


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