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Thread: bipod advice

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    bipod advice

    Hi folks,

    I'm new to bipods, so would be very grateful for advice.

    First: a very naive question (so be gentle). Am I right in thinking that you can get a single bipod and shift it between rifles as needed (ie. say between a .222 and a .243)?

    Second: which bipod would people recommend for, in particular, a .222 to be used foxing and long range vermin?


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    yes. so long as you have the appropriate stud fitted, if not they are cheap and easy to fit.

    as a caveat if your forestock is light, synth or flimpsy a bipod can ruin your shooting.

    get a swivel bipod which allows you to tilt side to side if on uneven ground/bonnets

    Harris are the main name but expensive for what they are, lots of looky likeys out there now for a decent reduction

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    Harris are definitely the best, however I recently bought a tilting version of the Sniper Systems Bipod (see ebay)... for only 35! (Usually about 50). I've been really pleased with it so far, and reviews on the web all seem positive!

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    Great - thanks.

    Am I also right in thinking that they can be attached to the sling stud? Or do I need an additional attachment point?

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    Fits onto sling stud, then sling fits onto bipod.
    ATB Lee

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    When using a bi-pod it's worth changing the front sling stud to the machine screw and ferrule type as the wood screw type often pulls loose under bi-pod use. The machine screw stud has anormal thread on it which screws into the ferrule that is either steel or brass and the ferrule in inlet tightly into the stock barrel channel like so:-

    This spreads the load and is far more secure that the wood type screw. This one was fitted before bi-pods became fashionable. The schnable fore stock on these BSA Majestics is very slim and it was not unknown for the sling loop to pull out. often through then being over tightened the stock could develop a split hence the splice repair on this stock.

    I just went to look at my longer harris bi-pod and found it's missing so one assumes it's on some coppers rifle right now.

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    Mr Lewis possibly just helped out -

    No connection between us.
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