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Thread: GWP Temperament

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    GWP Temperament

    My GWP is due to have puppies tomorrow, and one of the people who contacted me about them was asking me about temperament. She isn't planning on working the pup, so is more bothered about temperament than anything else. She also said that she'd prefer a dog to a bitch.

    I'd have thought that a bitch would usually have a better attitude than a dog and wondered what others thought about it? All of the 'sharp' GWPs that I've seen have been mainly dogs. Maybe i'm biased only ever having had bitches. Is there a difference? Is it down to individual dogs?

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    It's down to the line. Some are very placid and some are like a hairy croc! Most are people friendly and any aggression can be towards other dogs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    It's down to the line. Some are very placid and some are like a hairy croc! Most are people friendly and any aggression can be towards other dogs!
    Thats what I mean, is a dog not more likely to be aggressive with other dogs than a bitch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    It's down to the line. Some are very placid and some are like a hairy croc! Most are people friendly and any aggression can be towards other dogs!

    Agreed - Mines is a bitch and there is no denying she is sharp, especially when dealing with wounded deer.

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    Mines from the same line as Cadex's and has 'issues' especially with other dogs. She's ok with people or she'd have had the imbalance in her cured with 40gr. I can no longer trust her to be alone with my other dogs (for trust read afford the vet bills!). Fantastic on deer, both pointing on them and finding shot deer but definite insecurity issues.
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    Hello Limulus

    I will be trying to get a GWP ( dog ) in the next year or so, and I try to read a lot of the posts on SD about GWPs so as to learn more about the breed, for my own knowledge. Please can you say whether your GWP bitch came in after your other dogs, or was she in your family first ??

    Understanding that she is great with people, but not other dogs, I would have problems with my wife if I got a GWP, that started taking chunks out of her labs...... I might be the one getting 40Gr after the dog !!!!! Not hijacking the thread, but hopefully expanding on what is already being written.

    Many thanks.


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    My GWP was introduced to a house already housing 2labs and a cocker spaniel. From the day she arrived we noticed she was aggressive to the other dogs. We put this down to 'puppydom' initially but then started admonishing her after she'd had a couple of what we thought overly aggressive moments.
    At about 5-6 months she really went to town on each of the other dogs..scaring them all around the face. At one point we considered having her killed but after taking advice I stuck with her and when she went outside my acceptable limits I was very sour on her...this seems to have worked but I can't bring myself to trust her.......ever!(yesterday all 4 dogs chased up the garden after a cat, the GWP attacked 1 of the labs which now has a cut through her top and bottom left eye lids, not a bad wound but still an unprovoked attack (in my eyes))
    Look to the breeding very carefully. GWP's are incredibly intelligent but some are a 1 man/1 dog animal and big enough and strong enough to do serious damage if not constantly under control.
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    What lines does your dog come from? Mine is from Danish lines, she hasn't ever once shown aggression towards anything other that foxes! She will chase cats, but other than that, she's less of a problem than the Labrador that I have. I read similar stories to yours and always wonder if I have a defective one!

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    My GWP is just over 2yrs old.
    He has been brought up with a patterdale and 2 lurchers (all bitches) He mixes with spaniels, labs and my sons friends dogs with no problem at all.
    However for the first time last week he had a go at a lab that went for him twice. No problem there except if I had not been close I believe he would not have stopped until the other dog was dead.
    He is not aggressive with other dogs, usually he keeps his distance and ignores them. He is very protective with my grandchildren and wife.
    He is from the byranscroft line and I would say one of the more placid GWPs. but As others have said they are not a novice ride, And would not be the ideal pet.
    They are a hard dog bred for work and suffer mentally if not kept active.
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    For once I agree with almost every post on the thread so far . . . .

    My GWP meets every requirement that I have for her . . However the vast majority of owners would prob find her a handful.

    A few points though to prospective owners -

    If not being worked, she needs walked EVERY day, and I don't mean around a park, somewhere she can run full pelt and swim, even in the winter or she is restless in the house.

    She will kill cats and anything small and furry, I have discouraged this from day one but it hasn't made a jot of difference.

    She has a mouth harder than a diamond - hence she is used to stalk, hunt and point birds but not picking up. I have tried but she can't ever hand a bird over without giving it a shake first. I think she would like to sometimes, but there is something hard wired inside her head constantly shouting ''shake the bastward, shake it'

    She won't do a word she is told by anyone other than me.

    She is inteligent and will steal items that she likes the look of and hide them in the garden to destroy at a later date when no one is looking.

    On a plus point - They are very hard working dogs, and will hunt like a demon all day long, but not an easy ride for sure.

    PS. . mines is perfectly fine with other dogs, just don't mention cats !!!!!
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