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    Tikka 595

    Tikka 595 rifle in synthetic stock. Current calibre .222rem. This has been a very accurate and reliable rifle with a superb trigger but unfortunately now requires re-barrelling as the barrel is worn out after shooting approximately 5,500 rounds over a period of about 14 years mainly on the range. This would make an excellent donor action for a project rifle or would be suitable for re-barrelling. The rifle has not been knocked about and there are only a few very minor blemishes/scratches on the stock. This rifle was loaned to four different shooters in a recent stalking test type shooting test. Three of the shooters shot possibles and the other a relatively new shooter produced a score that he was entirely happy with. All made favourable comments on the rifle.

    The rifle will come with one three round magazine though I have another three round and two six round magazines that I will sell separately but only if the rifle is sold. I am asking 250 for the rifle in the stock and 30 each for the six round magazines and 25 for the three round magazine.These magazines are also suitable for the .17 rem and .223 rem cartridges. Also available will be a set of 1/26mm Optilock rings and mounts but again only for sale if the rifle sells.

    This offer is only open for a limited period as I am still considering having it re-barrelled and keeping it.
    Send me a private message for further details. Severn Estuary/South Wales area. Prefer face to face but will transfer to RFD at buyers exspence.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Me, Roedinator and one other shot 100/100 with this rifle at Monmouth a few weeks, I think 'shot out' might be selling it a bit short there Mike!

    Someone will get a bargain!


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    Hi could I please buy one of the 6 round magazines if still available or a 3 if the 6's have gone. Many thanks, Gordon.

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    Looks like the rifle is sold subject to payment and also one three round and one six round magazine. Therefore only one 6 round magazine still for sale (30) and also a set of Optilock mounts and rings (1"/26mm medium height) for 50.

    As Alex said it was a good rifle with Alex, Roedinator and BenC all shooting 100/100 at the H4H shoot with it. Edchef also put in a satisfactory score and I only shot a 97 or 98 with it but I had a lot of exscuse pre-prepared. Unfortunately shooting 50 rounds in quick succession was probably the final straw for that barrel and the cost of a new barrel to me is almost as much as a new rifle or even more in some cases. I am sure it will make an excellant donor rifle.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I will take a round mag please.


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