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Thread: A Weekend Stalking

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    A Weekend Stalking

    Hi all, I recently joined a syndicate in Argyll that was posted on this site by Widow son.
    I met him at his house on Thursday morning for a cup of tea and went over everything about the syndicate which I found invaluable.
    I got to the piece of ground by 11am, the land has good access off the road and through the forestry, i had not got 500yds into the wood when i came across a ride with cables going through which made it very clear and wide, i thought this would be the perfect place to start having a look round so i parked up, pulled my boots on and started on my way, i had not got 15yds up the ride when i saw a fox milling around in the heather i sat down and watched him to see what he was up to. I had not been there more than 5 minutes when a Stag approached the ride from the right-hand side of the wood, he popped his head out of the tree line to observe what was going on he would have been a perfect animal to cull, within minutes of him appearing he had winded me and disappeared as quick has he appeared.
    Not a bad start to a new piece of ground, i made my way along the ride checking boundaries, safe backstops, etc.. i got back to the car moved further down the track into the wood stopping at each ride to just check the ground out, i parked up at the bottom of the wood and went for a good walk around checking out boundaries and safe shooting areas at one end of the wood it is a beach where the waterline comes right up to the wood where there a good signs of deer movement right up to the waters edge, the outer edges of the forestry are surrounded by natural woodland ( Oak and Ash) which all lead onto pasture land where the deer are moving in and out at night time feeding, it is a lovely piece of ground i saw several roe deer on my walk.
    By now it was 4pm so i started making my way back up to the vehicle and
    To sit on the ride where we had seen the stag earlier on, i got myself comfortable about 150yds from where i spotted him this area gave me a very safe backstop and a good high position to shoot from.
    Over the course of the next few hours a few hinds crossed over from left to right and it was just nice to see deer on a new piece of ground, about 8.30 when i thought my chance was over out came the stag again, he moved out to the open ride and presented me with perfect broadside shot, it was text book i squooze the trigger and a sound shot hit ssed the ride and managed to get back in to the wood i waited 15min before approaching the area. The piece of wood he headed into was very thick i had a good look around for him till the light had given up on me i knew he had taken a good heart and lung shot and would not have gone far and was dead, my plans then changed and i stayed over night. Did not sleep a wink thinking of what i could have done different up and on the ground at first light when to the shot site walk in about 30yds there he was got him out to the car and gralloch him it was only 6.30am so i went for a walk glassed the fields a good group or hinds and stood about 500yds down just in side the wood i could see 5 stags so a started making my way towards them the wind was coming straight in to my face so got to about 180yds and run out or cover made up about 30yds more when they new something was wrong by this i had got down and was behind the gun i let them settle again picked out the stag nice safe back stop and squooze the trigger good hit he went up on his back legs went about 40yds and down could not or gone better walked over and the work began i removed the green and started the long drag back to the Landover. I would like to thank widow son for the chance to joint his syndicate it is a cracking peace or land with plenty of deer to go at cheers mate. P.S. i forgot to mention the land comes with a ticket to stalk the red stags all year .

    cheers gadget.

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    well done gadget,a nice write up mate,i bet you cant wait to get out again.good luck for the future.

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    Nice one gadget
    Hope you have the same time and time again

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    A good start to a new piece of ground.


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    Very nice write up Gadget. It appears that you will be on a HIGH for some time. Congratulations and good luck.


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    new ground

    Well done mate nice to see deer on new ground from the off,and to get amonst them so soon, all the best tone,

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    pukka job mate ! nice to hear stalkers getting fell in on the outing on new ground

    cheers lee

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    Cheers gadget

    That means Ive got to go up and let another stag out ,blood things never do what there told. lol

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