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Thread: Exercising 3 Dogs Hard On A Hot Day

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    Exercising 3 Dogs Hard On A Hot Day

    The Chinese Lost!

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    I would say they were not that comfortable in the water. My working cockers tail would be going like a propeller. Possibly the wall and on lead. Jim

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    Certainly the chow was not comfy but the cocker powers through the water. The vizsla is not really a water dog and it's her second time in deeper water.

    Ithe video is not of a water training session it is a fitness training session in very hot weather.


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    It was the cockers tail I was noting. Maybe not too clear but my cocker creates a water spout

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    It's clear then my old bitch is absolute crap. I mean at 9 years old having worked 7 seasons 6 days a week and had 4 litters who were all bought to be used in breeding program's by the police and went out to Europe and America. Based on the lack of a water spout by her tail she is just useless. I feel like a fraud now.

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    Retrievers tails work differently to Spaniels in water.
    My Tollers was used as a rudder, he swam low in the water with just his nose out of the water, he was so strong in the water. My Cockers and Patterdales tails move round much more. The Cocker is the only one that launches into the water, the other two walk/walked in.

    Jimbo, your Cocker swims very high in the water with the shoulders up, my dogs swim much lower (doggy paddle v front crawl) but it obviously works and thats all that matters.
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