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Thread: Help!...I'm a cr*p shot...!!!

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    Help!...I'm a cr*p shot...!!!

    I used to be very proud of my shooting ability, and was regarded as a crack-shot for many years... however I recently had a rather disturbing series of events...

    Firstly, I've been fluffing a lot of shots (comparitively speaking) when I've been out bunnying. Secondly, I naturally have been increasing the number of visits to the range to reassure myself that there's nothing wrong with my kit and I'm getting enough practice with it.

    After a few trips to the range I was regularly shooting what a considered to be OK groups with my .17hmr and .22lr - mainly 0.75" groups with the odd bad one at 1-1.5" (@75yds prone off a bipod)... I'd just shot a succession of half decent groups 0.75"(ish) and decided the reason I couldn't do the usual 0.5" to 0.75" groups was due to wind etc.

    A mate a few years younger than me that I hadn't seen in a while then showed up and proceeded to shoot consistent 0.5" groups with both the .22 and .17 - my groups were nearly twice the size and I felt like a bit of a tw*t considering I shoot a lot more than he does.

    I thought a lot about what I was doing wrong and could only think of the the following possibilities that have let to a deterioration in my rimfire shooting:
    1. I shoot more centrefire these days, so is this comparable to when you've been shooting shotgun and try and pick up a rifle?
    2. I'm getting prett unfit and fat from all this sitting around waiting for the f*cking rain to stop - how important is fitness?
    3. My eyesight is defo deteriorating with each day I sit in the office staring at a screen - will this make a difference with a decent scope?
    4. It's quite a tiring stressful time of the year at work - is neck/back muscle tenseness going to play a noticeable factor with small calibres?
    5. All of the above!?

    My centrefire shooting seems good (though will be checking as I'm paranoid now), but really gutted that after years of good shooting I've recently become a bit average with my rimfires!

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    i had this when practicing for my DSC1 , i couldnt put 3 shots together , turns out my rifle just didnt like winchester ammo (paul from barony will back me up lol)

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    Thanks Brian, I can shoot my centrefire ok but the rimfire's aren't great - issue is I used to be able to shoot much tighter groups with the same ammo and set-up I am using now... and my friend can still do it, so it is definitely down to me not the kit.

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    you could be pulling your shots a bit because you a tense/nervous,centre fire rifles tend to be a bit heavier and more forgiving.
    i am also finding it harder to shoot of a bipod lately

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    maybe take an airrifle out....shoot with that for a while then go back to the rimfire..just a suggestion from a self confessed novice..

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    Quote Originally Posted by cowsmart View Post
    maybe take an airrifle out....shoot with that for a while then go back to the rimfire..just a suggestion from a self confessed novice..
    actually a good idea air rifles teach you proper trigger control

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    There can be lots of reasons, but from what you have said - and to an extent the fact you've said it! - I suspect its likely down to your 'head' - or rather whats going on inside it.

    Rifle shooting is very much a confidence game. It is far, far easier to over think things than the other way around. You then get into something of a vicious cycle.

    You say no real issue with centrefire ( all this assumes all kit - rifle, scope, ammo etc remains exactly as it was before the issue arose ) - so no cause for doubt to strike.

    It takes an incredibly small movement to open up groups. Over thinking may be leading to a minute hesitation and yank cycle creeping in to your trigger control. And I mean minute. It may not happen at all with centrefire or it could be so small that the faster lock/ignition/ bullet out the barrel of the centrefire masks things. On the rimfire - the difference is larger.

    If you are doing 3/4" groups at 75 yards you've hardly deteriorated to the Elmer Fudd level! There's not all that much amiss.

    Only other suggestion is become a Belgium/German - or lord forbid Spanish stalking client. compared to 99% of them your still shooting like Carlos Hathcock - on a really good day

    Not to down play what is clearly an issue for you, but suspect you dont have any major problems.
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    Practice makes perfect,follow through with the shot

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    stop going to the range

    groups off a bipod have no bearing on shooting in the field unless all your rabbits shots are prone off a bipod

    I shoot off sticks for rabbits and whilst zero is set off the bonnet or off something solid, I always check POI off sticks directly after.
    You will be surprised how if can shift

    stop taking shots you think you will miss.
    might sound like a cliche but hitting 10 rabbits in a row does wonders for the confidence and rather than thinking "oo I can just squeeze a shot off at that 75yd rabbit" you are more inclined to reduce the distance to 50yds and hit it.
    this in turn improves your sneakiness (I refuse to call it "fieldcraft", without feeling like Ray Mears!)

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    As above, stop trying and just shoot! Get your eyes checked (as you should anyway) and do some exercise (as you should anyway!)

    Be the bullet!

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