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Thread: SD Member Thinking Outside The Box!

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    SD Member Thinking Outside The Box!

    The man in question is Luke an SD member.
    I met him in Januarywhen he came to shoot a stag and we have stayed in touch as well as becoming friends.I was on the phone today with him and the topic of 30 odd stags I have to cullthis year came up.

    So we got onto talking about prices and size ect. I wassaying how lively a certain group of around 40 reds with 25 cull animals from 8to 14 points were. They had been running for 7 months without any humane contact. Thus formy novice stalkers to shoot on my beginners courses it will be a challenge. Butas they were not massive bodied stags only 3years old, I would be happy for a beginnerto use a .243 instead of .270 or above.
    Long story short I said ill text you a picture of them see, whatyou think. I did as soon as the conversation was finished a picture was sent.

    The picture went with a caption “ PICK YOUR OWN “Attachment 18129
    His reply was " MACHINE GUN"
    Made my day a little laughter goes a long way
    Cheers Andrew

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    people will pay to "grass a stag", without all that hill walking stuff,

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    Why yes I suppose some do. Myself I tend to stalk to fill the freezer which is almost empty of venison now. Whilst a nice walk/climb is wonderful in itself depending upon price of course it might just be the ticket for filling said freezer. Having looked at the photo the group is too closed up to provide a shot IMHO.

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    Beautiful looking group of stags there good luck with them....

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    arrrh, I want some like that

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    Yes they are a cracking group of stags. Just took some pictures of my 18/20 plus pointer.
    STUNNING. all so coming out of velvet.

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    Lucky man,I wish I had some ground with a herd like that roaming around

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    We look after some park fallow in someone's "garden" I wouldn't need a tv for entertainment just a nice malt and a deck chair and watch the deer
    great stags backbones !

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    Where's Wally?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Wally.jpg  

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    Fantastic picture and only just up the road from me!!!!!

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