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Thread: Howa 1500, Savage Edge in .223 any good?

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    Howa 1500, Savage Edge in .223 any good?

    Does anybody here have any of these rifles? I'm looking for a budget priced .223 for some foxing any thoughts?

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    lots of good words have been said about the Howa's on here, mine is in .308 and has been faultless.
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    I have a weatherby vanguard with a houge stock in 22.250. Great action. It will be rebarreled to 6br nect year. They woul#d be sturdy in a 223. You will be pleased with one.

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    Another to consider is a ruger hawkeye. I have a stainless 223 and its as. Tough as nails and shoots good too.

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    thanks for your input, would you say they are on par or better than a remington 700?

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    Don't know anything about the savage edge but if it's anything like my model 12 it would be a good buy


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    Multiman, I like them better than w REM 700 for the following reasons: integral recoil lug, sako extractor, 1 piece bolt body and japanese build quality. There is also a lot of aftermarket accessories such as dbm , bolt knobs stocks etc if you want to play around. In 223 however they only come in 12 twist which limits you to the lighter pills, but no biggy on foxes. In my ruger 223 i was using a 40 gn vmax and Re 7 with great effect on foxes and hares. Accurate and effective for head shots on hares to.200 m.

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    I'm using a Howard 1500 in 204 cal. Really good rifle for the price, trigger isn't the best you can buy but I've managed to get mine to 2lb with a nice crisp break but it took a lot of time and patience to get it there. Great rifle otherwise.

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    If the savage edge is the same as the savage axis its got a awful trigger.a very hard pull and loads of creep.


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    Howa 1500 cracking gun for the money loads of after market bits out there triggers,stocks etc love mine heard very few bad words said about them tbh......

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